1. To complete the financial powers of attorney, go to the dashboard and click "Get Started" under Financial Powers of Attorney Packages"

2. You will complete a financial power of attorney for each spouse. Complete each            question:

  • Contact information
  • Legal residence

   Then indicate the person you want to act as your financial agent. The spouse will be in the drop down, they can select the spouse or add a new person.

3. You will then then have the option of adding up to 3 backups to act as the agent. It       is recommended that you add at least one backup. 

4. Review and select Powers Granted. The powers are automatically granted to the     Agent unless specified otherwise. They are intentionally made as broad as possible   so that your Agent can act without restriction if needed. 

5. Determine if the power of attorney should remain effective if the you become        incapacitated. (typically yes)
6. Indicate the state in which the documents will be signed.
7. Review the responses. Click on any field to correct information, then click back to         summary.
8. Click next to prepare the documents.
9. Click in the checkbox to approve, then click "Next".

10. Click on the other spouses name to complete their Powers of Attorney.

11. Complete the Powers of Attorney for the second spouse, then click "Close" 

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