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Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning 101 Your estate consists of all the property you own, whatever it is worth, and wherever it is located. Planning involves a systematic development and updating of goals, policies, and procedures

Estate Plan Navigator Overview

A brief overview of Estate Plan Navigator, features and functionality.EP Navigator is an online estate planning portal, partnered with a nationwide network of estate planning attorneys. Our unique software allo

Estate Planning Terminology

Definitions to commonly used terms used during estate planningEstate Planning TermsBeneficiary – One entitled to profit, benefit, or advantage from a contract or estate.Codicil – A written addition or amendment

Revocable Living Trusts and Probate

What is a revocable living trust and how they can help avoid probate.A revocable living trust can save you time and money, as well as added control over your assets.A living trust can avoid the public, costly a

Wills and Trusts - How are they different?

Understanding the Difference Between Wills and TrustsEveryone has heard the terms Wills and Trusts, however many people don't understand the difference between the two. Both are useful estate planning tools tha

EP Navigator Living Trust - Key Provisions

Learn why EP Navigator Trust Documents outshine other providersNot All Estate Planning Documents are Created EqualTo the average consumer estate plans look the same, but the truth is, not all estate planning do

EP Navigator Document Packages

What's included with our estate planning document packages?Your first step in creating your estate plan is to answer a series of questions. These questions will give our attorneys the information they need to m

Personal Letter of Direction

A personal letter of direction contains detailed instructions for distributing your personal property upon your death.What is a Personal Letter of Direction?A personal letter of direction is a letter that you w

What is a Power of Attorney?

Appoint a person to manage your financial and medical affairs if you are unable to do soFinancial Power of Attorney A Financial Power of Attorney empowers someone to make financial decisions for you in the even

Health Care Documents

The following documents are included with your Healthcare Power of AttorneyAlong with your Healthcare Power of attorney, you will receive these important health care documents:Living Will You will receive a Liv